Orbtex Features

Ready prepared for simplified use - 
straight from package to solution to implantation with no wrapping

Integrated absorbable, braided, suture platform¹ -
braided double strands provide strong, convenient, and standardised fixation points for muscle attachment

Pure alumina (aluminum oxide) - 
bio-inert, fully synthetic, bioceramic composition

Proprietary Ceramisys™ surface production¹ -
smooth surface for ease of insertion - 
without a non-porous coating

Eliminates the need for donor tissue - 
no risk of tissue transmitted disease or need for second surgical site

Ultra-porous, 100% interconnected, even pore distribution - 
ideal tissue support scaffold without dead pockets

Very light weight - 
over 30% lighter than coral (HA) based products

High strength - 
easily drilled for motility peg and non-friable

Premium features, yet competitively priced

Patentsed product

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